The Most Special 23rd Post

Today is one of my favorite partner-in-crime’s birthday. Since I failed to text/tweet/phone him at midnite and he missed my tweet, yet out of credit to reply, I decided to write it on my blog.

Happy birthday, Zaka Gumilar Sumadimaja. Entah kebetulan atau takdir, tapi urutan post ini dan usia kamu sekarang sama: 23. I wish you well – for the life, love, and joy. Remember that you have awesome people who’ve been glad to know you. Tidak ada alasan untuk tidak bersyukur karena di tanggal di mana kamu dilahirkan, Yang Maha Kuasa masih memberi kamu kehidupan.

So, thank you. Especially for the night random chat a few days ago. Kalau punya duit sekarung, kayaknya aku seriusan mau ngado inline skate. But, what do you expect more from an author? If you still keep “5 Cm”, you don’t have to be worried to return it. That book is yours now. 🙂

And, since people give you tons of ‘happy birthday’, be happy, Zaka. At least, for today.



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