If 2013 Was a Playlist

2013 adalah tahun dengan cerita-cerita beragam rasa. Maka, saya memutuskan untuk ‘menyimpulkan’nya ke dalam sebuah playlist. Selamat menikmati.

January: “Lucky Man” by Mocca
February: “You Have My Attention” by Copeland
March: “My Favorite Accident” by Motion City Soundtrack
April: “Still Into You” by Paramore
May: “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson
June: “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake
July: “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato
August: “This is Gospel” by Patd
September: “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift
October: “Firasat” (cover) by Raisa
November: “Breakeven” by The Script
December: “Try” by P!nk



2 thoughts on “If 2013 Was a Playlist

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